26 March 2007

Reideen 3 - Invisible shadow (見えない影)

A month after "the incident" in the mountains, Junki attended a briefing, thanks to Maedasaki. Unfortunately for him, he can't summon Reideen in front of everybody to proof his powers.

Junki looks a bit depressed because of this. However, this is not the first time Maedasaki failed to back up his claim. Poor Maedasaki. In a conversation with his colleague, she points out that he also failed to prove his Atlantis discovery and Himiko's grave discovery in the past, so no wonder hardly anyone finds him trustworthy :/

Meanwhile, Junki's class received a new transfer student, Akira, voiced by Chiba Saeko. One really should keep track of how many anime has transfer students.The outcome of the survey may be quite interesting :).
Not only Akira looks great, she took no time in impressing her new classmates in math and sports.

This is also time for our next enemy to make an appearance. Or not make it, to be more correct. True to the episode's title, the research building that tries to investigate the bones found together with Junki's father remains is destroyed by an invisible monster.

Afterwards after school, Maedasaki managed to do enough to persuade Junki to meet him later that night. When they arrive at the building later that night, a mysterious person appears disappears at the end of the hallway, so they decided to chase the person up to the roof. Here they see the invisible monster makes an appearance, and a bracelet appears around Junki's wrist and starts to glow. Maedasaki is excited about this and confident Junki will be able to summon Reideen this time.

However, after successfully summoning Reideen, Junki refuses to board it, saying he doesn't want to be involved in weird things like this. In truth, he's probably worried about the damage to the city if he were to fight again.

While the pace has not changed this episode, the preview indicates next episode will be more action packed. There are more questions raised in this episode, especially regarding Akira, the aliens, and when Junki can summon Reideen.

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