30 March 2007

Reideen 4: Battle with the Shadow (影との戦い)

Continuing where we left of last week, Junki and Maedasaki are now trapped in the university's underground.

We discover one of the reason Junki was hesitant to jump into Reideen last episode is due to the destruction to the village he has caused in the first battle. Akira, the new transfer student, was originally from that village, and claimed that she moved to Tokyo because her house was destroyed. When Maedasaki hears this, he recall that during the first battle, he saw a strange girl standing at the top of the hills observing the battle. He wonders whether the girl is the same and what she is up to back then.

shiny Reideen
After the conversation, some "aliens" start chasing them and trapped them in a dead-end. Thankfully, they were saved by Maedasaki's colleague, Hoshikawa Hana, who broke the wall at just the right spot and crushes the chaser. :)

Soon after they went out of the collapsed building, they see the invisible enemy causing all sort of trouble with the armed forces. Junki does not hesitate for long this time, and summons Reideen.

However, soon after Junki jumps into the cockpit seat, he founds himself in trouble due to the monster's invisibility. Thankfully, he remembers some phrases written in the rubbles of the building he was trapped in, and decided to try them out. God's wand works fairly well, dropping the enemy's stealth armor. Junki then calls out for God's sword and slices the monster to emerge as the victor of the day.
I have to say I really enjoy the battle here, especially when Reideen cuts through all of the enemy's tentacle that attacks it. The music accompanying the fight sequences is pretty nice too.

Back to school, Shiori is mad at Junki because of his infatuation with Akira :b


Next week: a new monster of the forthnight. Maybe another new weapon from Reideen to continue the trend?

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