02 April 2007

Seto no Hanayome 1: Wildly Extravagant Wife (極道の妻)

In this world, there are mermaids, as well as humans. However, mermaids must not be seen by humans.

When this happens, the human must marry the mermaid!
One day during school holiday, Nagasumi is going to the beach with his parents. The beach is located in his father's hometown, so they are staying at Nagasumi's grandmother's house for the trip. Nagasumi's father is very excited to be back, and he also teases his son for his indifference, saying that Nagasumi is probably afraid of swimming.

Even though Nagasumi denies this, he is soon in trouble, as he drowns in the middle of the sea, where no one can hear him. No one that is, except San, the mermaid, his soon to be wife :D, who save his life.

When Nagasumi regains consciousness and told his parents and grandmother what happened, they find it hard to believe him. However, his grandmother say that there is a mermaid legend in the village, and it can be troublesome if the legend is true.
True enough, San and his father soon appears and demands Nagasumi to take responsibility for what happened that afternoon.

Nagasumi and his parents is soon taken to the San's family residence, which is a house underwater. San's father is also the boss of a large yakuza group, and he is still in two minds on whether to kill Nagasumi or force him to marry his daughter.:)

Helped by San, Nagasumi managed to flee the house to escape San's father wrath.
Ended up in a shore, San and Nagasumi finally managed to be alone for the first time for some romantic moments. However, this does not last long, as San's father and his underlings managed to found them.

Just before San's father sword can split Nagasumi, Nagasumi surprises everyone when he request San's hand in marriage. On this note, the episode ended to force us wait another week to see what happens :).

Seto no hanayome official site
Opening theme: Romantic summer by SUN&LUNAR
Ending theme: Ashita e no Hikari/(明日への光) by Asuka Hinoi (樋井明日香)

I think the episode is quite funny, and episode is fairly well executed as well. I'm excited to see how the plot will go after this first episode.

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