09 May 2007

Sola 3: Calm day (オダヤカナヒ)

Before going to school on this calm day, Yorito got an earful of advice from Matsuri. Just as Yorito opens the door to go to school, he is surprised to see Mana standing right in front of his house. After a moment of panic, he calms down when he realize Matsuri has went in before Mana can see her.

Later in the hospital, Aono sulks again when she finds out that Yorito has to leave early. Mana becomes more and more suspicious that Yorito is hiding something because his behavior is somewhat different than usual.

Back at home, Yorito is disgusted with Matsuri's choice of ramen (Avocado ramen!). However, their little chat is interrupted when the door bell is ringing.
Before Matsuri can open the door (apparently she has done that in the day when salesmen of various products came by), Yorito managed to beat her to it only to find a steaming Mana right in front of him. She wants to cook for him (I am sure she wanted to spy on him too:b) and she wouldn't take a no!

Yorito's explanation on why he locks the door only makes Mana more suspicious. His attempt on preventing her cook for him was also spoiled by his uncooperative stomach :b

When Mana starts to cook, she found out that there is no soy sauce, sugar nor salt left in the cupboard, as Matsuri has spill all of them.

As Yorito is forced to go to the supermarket for supplies, Mana wanders around the house to find what Yorito is hiding. Just when she is giving up her search and return to the dining room, she finally meets Matsuri for the first time.

When Yorito is back from the supermarket, his attempted explanations on why he is hiding Matsuri is not helped by Matsuri herself. A lonely cousin that live around the neighborhood that was never been spotted by Mana :b? How about a cat who transformed into a girl, or a person from the future who tried to change Yorito's life?

Obviously Mana is none the happier at these lame attempts. However, somehow Mana is convinced that Matsuri is not a bad person.

This quiet day is not over yet, when Mana panics at the though of Matsuri running away from Yorito's home only to find Matsuri returning with all her belongings. Some funny moments ensue when Matsuri said out her thoughts on Mana and Yorito being a couple. Both denied Matsuri's assumption. After some quarrell with Yorito on who is popular with dates, Mana admitted that the last time someone asked her for a date was during 4th year of primary school.

While the day is somewhat calm (no hunter actions), I am sure Yorito's heart is nothing but calm in this episode. Nothing much happened, but I am happy the way the series is progressing.

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