02 October 2008

Hyakko 1:An audience with Torako 「虎子相まみえる」

The first episode covers exactly the first chapter from the manga, with some extra scenes to make up for the short content. The extra scenes definitely improves the story, and makes it funnier, so it's a good thing. The character design in the anime feels much better than the manga too.

Ayumi is lost at her new, big school when she is changing class. As she's completely clueless on where to go, she's afraid she will be famous as the "lost child" if she couldn't find the location of the next class soon. Suddenly she sees someone so she is happy to see another student that she can ask direction too. It turns out they are in the same class. After a while, it turns out the second girl, Tatsuki, is lost too:b

After teasing Ayumi on false scary legends on the school, they discuss what to do next since they are no closer in finding their next class. Suddenly, a window on the second floor opens, and a girl jumps down. The girl is in pain as her landing position is not ideal.

Before they can call an ambulance, another girl jumps down right in front of them. The two new girls, Torako and Suzume, is apparently lost too. However, when they were lost on the second floor, they saw the building that they want to go to from the window. Since they would lost sense of direction if they go out the building the normal way, they decide to jump out of the window since they can just walk straight to the destination building after wards.

Here, there is a significant addition compared to the manga.
It turns out the way to the next class its not that simple. After wandering through flower gardens, bread shop, a different class, and various other rooms, they are still lost.

When they stop to wonder what to do next, it turns out they are in front of the building where the next class is. However, there is a small problem. The door is locked! Suzume tries to open it, but only result in tearing of the door handle. The impatient Torako wants to hit the door with a brick to open it, but after a struggle with Tatsuki who is trying to prevent her, the brick flies and break the window.

The girls are shocked, and freezes in spot. To make it worse, there is a teacher that sees them. With her quick thinking, Torako makes the next move to hit the teacher. She thinks because she is fast, the teacher won't recognize who they are. Problem solved!

In the end the teacher is in charge of their next class, and he remembers who they are. The episode ends with the teacher giving them a "fast forward" lecture:b

Even with knowing the story beforehand, the episode is still funny. The added materials really improved the story and the background song is quite apt too. Looking forward to see subsequent episodes. Hopefully they will add significant materials that are not in the manga for coming episodes too.

Hyakko 「ヒャッコ」 official page
Opening theme: Rock with no make-up (Suppin Rock) 「スッピンロック」
by Ogawa Mana 「小川真奈」
Ending theme: Tears TEARS tears (Namida NAMIDA namida) 「涙 NAMIDA ナミダ」 by Hirano Aya 「平野綾」

Screencaps to follow....

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