03 October 2008

Kuro Shitsuji 1:That butler, has skills 「その執事、有能」

Based on a highly popular manga of the same name, the anime follows the story of a boy, Ciel, and his highly skillful butler, Sebastian.

From the start, Ciel seems like quite a brat, randomly throwing darts to people around him. His demeanor doesn't seem to affect Sebastian, who can handle his master quite easily.

Next, the other servants in the household are introduced, and they all look grossly incompetent:b. Thankfully there is always Sebastian that can save the day.
When there is a guest who comes to discuss a business deal with Ciel, Sebastian quickly makes a plan to cover up the messy state of the mansion.

It turns out the guest is actually trying to take advantage of Ciel, as he thinks the boy is just a kid. Sebastian, who has some powers, is making the guest stumble through the mansion which now appears haunted. The guest leaves in a hurry, and Ciel is saved from his trickery.

Highlight: the cute animation that accompanies the ending theme

The animation looks very good and the story looks intriguing so far. Probably the series will be mostly episodic, with the progress of the story introduced bit by bit.

Kuroshitsuji 「黒執事」official site
Opening theme: Kiss of Monochrome 「モノクロのキス」 by SID 「シド」
Ending theme: I'm ALIVE! by BECCA

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