13 March 2007

Reideen 1 - Resurrected Legend (蘇る伝説)

The anime opens up by showing two giant robots ready for a showdown. The narrator says that he used to believe that giant robots only exists in comics. It is unbelievable, he, of all people actually becomes/controls one!

The next scene shows a boy waking up from his dream inside a math class. The teacher then ask the boy, whose name is Saiga Junki, to solve the problem in the blackboard to see whether he is paying any attention at all, which the boy finished magnificently. The girl seated next to the boy looks pissed off because her help is not needed :)

During the break Junki discuss his dream with his friends, but he can't remember much, aside from the fact that the dream is always the same and there is a large shadow in it.
The discussion is interrupted by a phone call from home, which notifies him there are some news about his father who has gone missing many years ago.
He rushes home only to be mildly scolded by his mother and sister for taking so long. They then immediately go to identify the remains/possessions of Junki's father.

When they arrived, they are surprised to find that the remains is found at Mount Kurokami, even though he was reported missing at a different place. Additionally some non-human's bone is also found next to the remains,which adds to the puzzle.

In the car on their way to the mountain, Junki examines the notebook that was left behind by his father. A weird symbol is written on one of the page. Underneath the symbol, there is a short note that says "...the one who becomes many ..... Reideen". Junki couldn't make out what this could possibly mean.

As they arrive at the mountain, they are greeted by a researcher who introduces himself as Maedasaki Tarou. While he never met Junki's father, he admire his past work. While Sakitarou bores Junki's sister to death with an explanation on his research, Junki sneaks out to a cave, where he sees the sequel of the dream he saw in the class. Two of these dreams in one day must be too much for him, as he passes out shortly after.

When he wakes up, the others told him a nicely decorated bracelet was also found next to where he pass out. After an earthquake and a meteor strike later, things are getting dangerous, so they decided to leave the site. Meanwhile, a helicopter investigating this incident is shot by a giant robot who seems to have come out of the meteor. The helicopter crashes and breaks a dam in the process.

Meanwhile Junki and the others head for another helicopter that has come to save them. At this point, Junki remembers that he forgot to bring his father's notebook and rushes back to the car to pick it up.

This is a rather rash decision, as now the flood from the broken dam is very close to where he is. The unleashed water engulfed him, but the situation is not too bad, because as we know, the main hero does not die in the first episode that often. The bracelet does not disappoint us, as it starts to glow and transform our suspected main hero to the official main hero. This new found power is too much for him to handle, and we have to wait for the next episode to find out what kind of powers the robot has.

Overall impression:
This first episode does not reveal much yet , and while there isn't much that we haven't seen in other mecha series, I think the series is pretty interesting so far.

Another interesting aspect is how the transformation system works out. We saw that Junki receives injury as the robot is damaged. Did he truly transform to a giant mecha, or he still maintains his human form, but sealed inside a control room in the robot?

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