18 March 2007

Reideen 2 - The Legendary Hero (伝説の勇者)

HooraySquatting beast
Opening theme:
manacles by Tomiko Van (伴都美子)
Ending theme:
Kakeashi no Ikizama (駆け足の生き様) by Ataru Nakamura (中村 中)
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In contrast to the title of the ending song, which can be loosely translated as "Living the Fast Life", we continue off with the slow battle between Reideen and the beast.
In an interview, the creators of the show indicated that three central themes of the anime is slowness, hugeness, and darkness. Well, judging from the first two episodes, I think they have achieved what they are set to do quite well.

While some people don't like the overall pace of the battle, I actually don't mind it. Variation is good. However, I wonder if they can create both a slow AND captivating battle after the first few mandatory easy battles. Going back to the battle, Junki is couldn't cope with the monster's laser attack. He is saved however, by a strange light which causes the monster to halt. Out of gas?

Junki transforms back into human form, and passes out for the second time in the day. When he regain consciousness, he is now in a hospital room. His sister (Kuraka) thinks that their father must have protected him. Meanwhile, the authorities are seen inspecting the monster which appeared to be stopped functioning. Some green liquid is dripping from the monster, which freaks one of the authorities out.

Want Junki...Peaceful city

That night, Junki heard some strange sound and goes outside his hospital room to investigate. He is greeted by a crowd of patients, nurses and doctors who has now a zombie-like behaviour. After Junki is saved by Maedasaki the researcher, Maedasaki's accomplice beat all the zombie to submission easily. Some green substance is then seen to withdraw from the unconscious zombies and goes back to its home, the beast. Wonder if these substance acts as some kind of energy source.

The monster then dutifully proceeds to go to the nearby city to wreak havoc, as a monster should. The army robot who tries to stop the beast is easily subdued. Junki who is seen fleeing the hospital with Maedasaki, worries about his mother, sister, and Shiori, who are now staying in the city.

Transform!Still posing...

Junki does what a superhero needs to do and gets off the car to transform into Reideen by uttering the magic phrase. The CG sequence for the transformation routine here is quite smooth and impressive. The battle does not goes as smoothly though, as the monster still has the upper hand with its tail laser weapon. Junki is frustrated to be on the losing side again, when he remembers his dream where Reideen uses a bow to shoot some laser arrow. This beast is then destroyed by one accurate shot of Reideen's laser arrow. The episode is ended after Maedasaki approaches Junki, who is now back in his most natural form, to ask questions.

The opening and ending songs are not too bad, while it does not sound anything special.
The episode itself does not disappoint, with Reideen's first victory and the added mystery of the zombies. Due to the overall slow pace, it probably will be another few episodes until we can see where the series is heading.
However, for those that can't stand the pace, the series is clearly not for you.

Take this!Akira

Next episode:
Akira, who appears plastered all over the opening, makes her first appearance.

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