06 April 2007

Hitohira 2: Fake....one? (まがい・・・・物?)

Still reeling from the shock of joining the Drama Research Club, Mugi again daydreams about life on the stage.

When she woke up, the lunch break is already over, so she went back to the class. When Mugi confesses to her best friend that she can't sleep last night, her friend, Kayo, teases her about this.
It seems Mugi is even thinking of quitting the club as she thinks it's impossible for her to continue due to her speech problem. However, Kayo thinks this is actually a good chance to help Mugi overcome her problem.

Later in the day, the Drama Research Club held a first practice meeting to welcome the two new members. To Mugi and Kai's surprise, the club room is extremely small, just a bit larger than a closet ^^; More surprisingly, there are only three other members in the club.

Not only that, they found out there is another drama club in the school, which performed the play on the school opening day. There is also a rivalry between the club and when Mugi was told by Nono, the club president, that she would need to perform, she collapsed yet again. This is probably also caused by the horror stories about Nono that she heard ^^

The next day, Mugi meets a new friend, Chitose Kanna, who lends Mugi some clothes because her own clothes is drenched by the rain. Chitose is actually a member of the Drama Club, which leads to a mini tug-of-war between the clubs to get Mugi. It is obvious there is no love between the two clubs, as Drama Club President accuses the Drama Research Club of being a fake one. This time the Drama Research Club managed to fend off the Drama Club's attempt to make Mugi switch clubs.

Finally, the Drama Research Club are holding the first practice session on the roof. The script is an original drama titled "Sisters on that night" (insert your imagination here :b). Mugi feel nervous again, and as a result unable to speak loudly. She tries to think happy thoughts to cure this, which leads to a daydream of pancakes. Unfortunately, this does not quite work yet as it only distracts Mugi from the script she is supposed to read.

When Chitose, who happens to watch the practice session sees this, she has an idea to cure Mugi temporarily, by tickling her! The method actually works and Mugi lets out a very loud scream that surprises everybody. Chitose, which sees the potential in this voice of Mugi, declares that she won't lose out. Thus, in addition to the friendship, the rivalry also began between the two.

A solid episode that explains the rivalry between the drama clubs, as well as introducing Chitose, this is another enjoyable episode.

Next week: Debut on the stage, will Mugi be able to use her impressive voice on stage?

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