07 April 2007

Romeo x Juliet 1:The couple~if only they never met (ふたり〜出会わなければ)

Fourteen years ago, a little girl witnessed the murder of his father, but she managed to flee before the murderers can get her.

At the present time, the girl has grown to become a masked saviour of the peasants from the tyranny of the nobles. On one of her excursions, she saved a young lady, which leads her being trapped in a dead end during her escape attempt.

Thankfully, her knight on a white horse, but without the shining armor part, saved the day and flew her to safety. Odin, the girl, is not too happy however, as she thinks the noble, Romeo, is being arrogant in demanding some thank yous. Furthermore, Romeo didn't try to save the girl that Odin saved. Odin did whisper some thank you, though, before she disappears in the alleys.

Odin, we found out is a name that Juliet uses when she is in disguise.
After the first meeting between our two tragic lover, they keep thinking of that first touch of hands between them during the escape. They also asked their companion on what love is. To which they receive the same answer, which is a feeling in which you are willing to die for that other person.

It was also revealed that Juliet does not remember a lot about her childhood, but everything will be revealed on her 16th birthday, which is tomorrow. To fill time, her friend, Emilia ask Juliet to company her to a party held by the nobles. However, due to some misunderstanding, Emilia was left behind and Juliet ended up going to the party without her :)

At the party hall, Juliet remembers a time in her childhood where she stands on the balcony with her father. Seeing Romeo's father also unconsciously triggers some bad memory, and she fled the hall to the gardens to calm herself. There, she met Romeo for the first time as Juliet.

If only they never met...

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Opening theme song: Inori~You Raise Me Up~(祈り~You Raise Me Up~) by Lena Park
Ending theme song: Cyclone by 12012

There is really no need to speculate on what will happen in the end. I realize how much of a challenge it might be to create a series when most of your viewers already know what will happen in the end. In order to keep the series interesting, the anime need to focus on how to execute the storytelling, without needing to think too much about the story itself. I feel that has been done magnificently, and they also managed to keep out any mecha or talking tanks from making an appearance so far!

Joking aside, I was expecting the anime to be completely different from the original story, aside from the names and the the basic premise. So it is a good thing that didn't happened.
This is definitely one of the better series that came out this spring, and I hope the rest of the episodes are as well executed!

Aside from the impressive graphics throughout the episode, the opening song is also a very good and fitting song, whereas the ending is the kind of song that grows on me after several listens.
Hitoshi Sakimoto, of Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII fame, is responsible for most of the music scores in this anime, which I think are very good.

I was surprised to see Eminence's name being credited in the ending too. Those of you who lived in Australia and Singapore may have heard of their anime & game concerts, which are held several times every year. I think it's really great for them to be chosen to play the musical scores in a real anime!

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