25 September 2008

Full Metal Alchemist:New Series 「鋼の錬金術師 新シリーズ」

As first announced last month, a new anime series for FMA will start airing from April 2009. The 20th volume of the manga has just been released in Japan, which advertises this. The October edition of New Type also has a feature on this and the release of the BOX SET ARCHIVES for the old series.

The title of the article above is the Opened Up Path. Unfortunately, the New Type article does not mention much, instead asking the same questions that everyone does, on how the new anime series will adapt the manga and continue off from the first series.
While the old series is only a few years away, it would be weird if the new series continues off from the middle of the old adaptation, since some people would not have watched the first series.

I feel the graphics of the first series does not need much improvement, which means there is not much point redoing the story from the start. My guess as the most likely approach is to have several summary episodes, before branching off to a new story. Continuing from the movie, and then combines a new story with manga original manga content is another alternative, but may not be easy to do...

For those who are interested, the BOX SET ARCHIVES is released January 28th next year, but the pre-order is only until September 30th, about a week away. The box will have 19 DVDs and 1 Blue-ray disc for the anime. The music is going to be in 7 CDs and 1 DVD.

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