25 September 2008

Lucky Star OVA, Dragon Ball DS and others

Aside from the release of Lucky Star OVA tomorrow (26 September) in Japan, the past week has seen the release of a number of anime related games such as Dragon Ball DS, World Destruction, Soul Eater(Wii). Also another game not directly related to a particular anime, another game to the Super Robot Wars franchise, Super Robot Wars Z.

Dragon Ball DS 「ドラゴンボールDS
Official site
Screenshots from Famitsu
Release date:18 September 2008
By: Bandai Namco Games
Platform: Nintendo DS
Also known as Dragon Ball Origins in the US.
The games follows the original Dragon Ball Story when Goku is still a kid. This actually looks
very interesting if you are a dragon ball fan, and wants to relive the story again in a different form. This game will be released in English in November this year, so there is no need to import unless you prefer the Japanese version

World Destruction 「ワールド・デストラクション」
Official site
Screenshots from Famitsu
Release date: 25 September 2008
By: Sega
Platform: Nintendo DS
The anime started broadcasting a few months ago, and this is the RPG game that accompanies it.
While game adaptation of an anime usually left something to be desired, the screen shots from this game does look nice.

Super Robot Wars Z 「スーパーロボット対戦Z」
Official site
Release date: 25 September 2008 (Japan)
By:Banpresto (Bandai Namco Games)
Platform: Sony PS2
Also known as Super Robot Taisen Z, this title adds a number of new robot series that has not appear in the series before, like Eureka Seven

Soul Eater:Monotone Princess 「ソウルイーター モノトーン プリンセス
Official Site
Release date: 25September 2008 (Japan)
By: Square Enix
Platform: Nintendo Wii
The game looks like an action adventure type, with the main character exploring the world and defeat enemies.

Lucky Star OVA
Looks like the OVA will be based on Konata and friends playing a MMORPG. There is a Lucky Star light novel which is based on the exact same idea. I wonder if the story from the OVA will be based on the light novel too.

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