26 September 2008

Lucky Star OVA 「らき☆すた」

So the long awaited OVA has finally been released! What is the OVA about? In short, its about Jelly, online RPG, cinderella and witch, volleyball tournament, camping, some weird transformation, and of course, lucky channel!

So who is Jelly? It is Minami's dog, and it interacts with practically all the main characters here. First, when Miyuki drops by Minami's house and tries to give a snack to Jelly, it goes and licks Miyuki at an unexpected place:b
Patricia Martin also made a brief appearance in trying to wake up the dog by calling it a stupid dog. Miyuki was surprised it worked, since Jelly never responded to her when she tries to wake her dog up.
Lastly, when Hiyori tries to give the dog a biscuit, it initially lacks any response, and then attack her furiously! Glad that she's ok.

Finally, on the next scene the focus is on Konata, the Hiiragi sisters, and Nanako sensei. It turns out Kagami is the fan of the writer that collaborates to make the online game. I suppose that's the main reason she agrees to plays the game.
Konata's character is a soldier, Kagami's a druid, Tsukasa a mage, and Nanakon a scout. Next, there are various dialogue which would be familiar to online RPG players.. As Tsukasa wasn't used to this kind of game, she couldn't speak until Konata told her to press Enter to speak:b

Next we have Konata having special powers for a short period. She drops by Kagami's house and ask her to go out. Kagami, who did not want to go with her family to the Budoukai, a fighting tournament, refuses her. Konata then uses her special powers to move the house and change Kagami's clothes into various cosplay costumes. On their way back from the tournament, Konata loses her power cause it's late, and managed to persuade Kagami to say an embarrassing word that should reset everything. It turns out everything is just in Kagami's dream, but she blurted out the word in front of Tsukasa. Even though Tsukasa said she won't tell anyone, she goes out of the room to call Konata:b

The next scene have the girls playing volleyball against each other. Tsukasa and Kagami is on opposite teams, and Tsukasa is encouraged by her teammate to do her best against her older sister. In the end of the close game, after painful hits to the head and bump into the net, Tsukasa still loses.

One of the last story is when the Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa and Miyuki is going camping. They got lost and Kagami got mad because of the path selected by Konata. When Konata was asked on why she chose the mountain path, she said because there is a mountain, she feels she wants to go there! At night, still lost, Konata starts to tell scary stories and teases Tsukasa. In the end, they got scolded by Nanako sensei for being late.

The last two scene on the Keroro gunsou transformation and the anime tenchou is a bit weird, and does not feel like a good way to end the OVA to me.

Lucky channel this time is enacted by the voice actors themselves. While its interesting at first, it felt a bit too long, just like the anime series:b

I feel the OVA is a good sequel to the anime series. Pretty much all that was in the series is making a return here, including the ubiquitous Haruhi (ringtone) and Keroro Gunsou. The ending (before Lucky channel) felt a bit weak though.

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