28 September 2008

Code Geass R2 Final episode:Re;  「コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュR2 最終回:Re;」

So it finally ends. Starting next week, the same time slot will be used by Gundam 00 second season. So how was the final episode? In one word, great.

Lots of confrontation to be resolved here. Karen vs Suzaku for the last time. Anya vs Orange-kun and of course, Nunnally vs Lelouch.

The episode opens with Nunnally confronting Lelouch, and says that even if he uses his Geass, she is not going to back down. Being told this, Lelouch is a bit surprised that Nunnally even knows about Geass.

She wonders why Lelouch is doing all this to change the world, as she would have been happy just to live with Lelouch in a normal live. Lelouch said while that sounds good in words, the reality is different. However, he finally realizes that Nunnally has the same idea as his, in accumulating the hate of the world but towards Damocles. After this revelation, he didn't hesitate to use his Geass to make Nunnally hand over the Freya trigger.

Elsewhere, Karen and Suzaku is having an intense fight. The most interesting aspect here is that now Suzaku is on Lelouch's side, if you were a Suzaku hater but a Lelouch (and Karen) fan, who would you like to win this battle?
Even with a better mecha spec, Karen is having a hard time fighting Suzaku who uses the Lelouch inflicted Geass to increase his fighting and survival instinct. In the final strike, both mecha is destroyed. Karen is saved by Gino though, while Suzaku and his mecha explodes. So Karen can claim victory on this last battle. I feel the fight is more like a draw, though.

In the Anya vs Orange-kun fight, Orange-kun managed to get the better of Anya when he jumps at her cockpit and thrust a sword. Something Anya said about losing all her memory strikes a chord with him though, so he backs down.

After gaining the trigger for Fleya, Lelouch declared that with Schneizel now his subordinate, and also having gaining control of the Damocles, he is now the ruler of the whole world. This declaration is shown around television around the whole world, to the horror of everyone.

2 months later, Suzaku is now in a grave and regarded as a hero by the Kingdom, while Lelouch is parading as the new king of the world. All his previous opponents are practically in prison or to be executed soon, including Nunnally.

Suddenly Zero appears, and managed to make his way to Emperor Lelouch vi Britannia, without much difficulty evading all the Imperial guards.

Just when Zero stabs Lelouch, it is revealed what the Zero Requiem really is. Suzaku and Lelouch plans to have Suzaku don the Zero mask to free the world of tyranny by killing the new emperor, Lelouch.
Zero Requiem is finally accomplished. In short, the plan was to make the whole world hate Lelouch, and then make Zero appears again to kill Lelouch. Unbeknown to most of the world, the plan is a succession of Zero too, from Lelouch to Suzaku.
By the way, this means Suzaku is not really dead when he was fighting Karen. However, he will not appear as Suzaku again it seems, instead becoming Zero full-time.

The whole world is shocked to see this latest development. Somehow Nunnally managed to see the past by holding Lelouch in his dying moments, and thus, knows what really happens. He lied all the way to the end. The world rejoice, while Nunnally cries...

Not all the problems of the world is solved, but the world is now at peace (during the last 3 minutes of the series at least:b).
Fates of the characters:
Karen goes back to school.
Ougi and Villetta got married, and Villetta is also pregnant with a child.
Nunnally is the new ruler, with Zero working along her.
CC daydreams accompanied by her favorite Pizza mascot's plush toy.
Hilarious moment: Orange-kun and Anya harvesting oranges at a plantation

Final episode impression
Good episode, and unexpected ending, of course especially with how Lelouch passed away. The skeptic part of me doubts world peace can be achieved and maintained just by killing a supposed tyrant. Then again, a happy ending should increase the happiness level in the world, if only temporarily, at least among most Geass viewers. I distract:b

Overall Series impression
For such a long series, every episode never failed to entertain me. Quite an achievement, as most other series will drop off for several episodes during the middle. However, during the first season, I always wondered what will happen next, whereas the R2 has accumulated so many surprises that I just don't care what will happen anymore. I just want to watch the next episode as it's entertaining anyways:b

After all the carnage, Lelouch actually managed to achieve his goal of creating a better world for Nunnally, its just that he won't be there with her. When the first series started, surely no one including Lelouch back will in their wildest dreams imagine what the final step of achieving the goal is though.

Sequel possibilities:
An OVA based on events before the final episode or a comedic episode is always possible, but the series is thankfully ended properly.

Are you happy with the ending? How was your impression for the series as whole?


Christoph said...

It'd give this ending from all the impression, a 7/10, but will wait till the GG subs are out.

As for the story, that's all pretty much what I expected. I'm very sure though, that Lelouch is the cart driver in the end: Hat, hair covered and young face - that's SO obvious. So he ended up with C.C. Sunrise just tried to hide it. Probably he got immortality code from Charles or sth else.

I'm still missing some answers (that's why the 7/10) but when I'm honest I can't think of any better way to end the series. It's ok as it is. I'd have just wished, that they would've done the ending in a 4 episode OVA or such. The last episodes before the final felt just too rushed and ruined a good bit of R2. All in all I found season 1 more exciting though.

In the end I'm fine with this ending - not as with the Macross Frontier one which I couldn't stand.

santosu said...

What's C.C. name? T.T