28 September 2008

New Nintendo DS before the end of the year

Looks like its real this time. After many rumors and false news about an update to the Nintendo DS, a real one is coming to Japan this year.

The price is reported to be below 20,000 yen ($190), an increase from the current 16,800 yen. The second update to the third DS hardware will also be equipped with a built-in camera, music player, and more advanced wireless capabilities.
With the PSP launching its third hardware update next month and having the upper hand in sales against the DS in the last few months, the new hardware update is timed well.

While having a portable machine that can do more is always nice, not sure how these new features will improve the DS's main purpose, which is gaming. Especially since the new features will result in a price hike as well. At most some new games can have an optional quest/mode that utilizes the new features. Making the new feature as a main requirement would result in much less user base, so it won't happen for a while.

News from Reuters

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