05 October 2008

Tales of the Abyss 1:Prophecy World 「予言の世界」

Main character who wants to see the world. Wise friend. Period of amnesia. Unexpected attack on the palace. Mysterious girl. Teleported to a land far far away. The mysterious girl is actually a magician. Lots of level 1 beast to beat. And an expensive inn:b What does it all sum up to?

This time, its not a Japanese RPG, but an anime adaptation of the game:)
Strangely, I think my first paragraph pretty much cover most of the events in this first episode. I suppose graphics is why people would watch this first episode, so I will skip on a more elaborate summary.

Next episode: Third member of the party joins?:b

The RPG that the anime was based on has good reputation. The Tales series has always had good anime cut scenes too. I always wished to have a longer cut scene, or the game play can be made to look something like those cut scenes. Well, this adaptation has a good start of showing what it is like if the cut scenes is extended to the whole story. The animation is excellent, so even if the story sprang no surprises, plenty of eye candy to savor. As long as the animation quality is consistent, and the story doesn't deviate much from the original, the series should come out good.

Tales of the Abyss 「手イルズオブジアビズ」 official site
Opening theme song: Karma 「カルマ」 by BUMP OF CHICKEN
Ending theme song: Adventure Comet 「冒険彗星 / Bouken Houkiboushi」 by Kurumi Enomoto 「榎本くるみ」

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