09 October 2008

Toradora! 2:Ryuuji and Taiga

The story actually took an interesting turn here, unlike other series of similar genre, so that is a very nice surprise.

The story actually moved fairly quickly in this episode. At the start, Taiga is making many attempts to be noticed by her crush, but lady luck is not with her. During these times, Ryuuji is supporting her beyond even her expectation. However, the whole class ended up having the wrong impression that these two are dating. This depresses Taiga even more. Surprisingly, she made the decision that not only she will tell everyone they are wrong, she's going to confess to her crush the very next day.

Come the day after, Taiga accomplishes her goal! Unfortunately, the confession was rejected softly, while Ryuuji is watching from afar.

At the end, Ryuuji still offers his support, while Taiga doesn't plan to give up just yet.

While Taiga pretends she does not really care about Ryuuji, she actually looked happy about it when he is not watching.

Unlike most series who has little progress story-wise even until the end, I consider Taiga's confession as a good sign that the story will not inevitably follow other series of this genre. Hopefully the story won't stall after this, but I am looking forward to see the next episode.
Highlight:Very glad that Taiga is not turning into Louise,at least not yet:b

Screenshots to follow....

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