04 April 2009

Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ 1: Awakening 「覚醒」

Based on the visual novel game, titled Phantom ~Phantom of Inferno~, and produced by BEETRAIN, this anime looks full of gun fights and great music to accompany it.

The episode starts with a couple of assassins infiltrating what seems to be the house of a crime lord. After interrupted by the great opening song, the scene changes to a flashback, where the male assassin is being imprisoned in an abandoned building. When he tries to escape, a girl with a mask tries to stop him, or test him, rather. Their fight is being monitored by a group of people who seems interested in what he is capable of.

At the end of the fight, while the male emerge victorious, he forgoes the chance to kill the girl when her mask tears apart showing her face. It didn't seem she is giving her all anyway, as it's only a test. In the end, the group who monitors them looks satisfied, and decide that he passes the test. And that's how the new life of Zwei, the male character, began.

The episode closes with the continuation of the fight at the beginning, with both Zwei and Ein (the girl) easily finishing their mission by disposing the crime lord.

While the first episode is not bad, it didn't felt that great either. Probably the main reason is at this point, it feels too similar to Noir and Madlax...
The pacing is a bit slow, even though it is artistically done.
The one aspect that save it is the music, which is great and very suitable to the action. If the story picks up, this might turn out to be interesting. Otherwise, those who hasn't seen Noir & other similar BEETRAIN shows might enjoy this more than those who has.

Opening theme song: KARMA by KOKIA
Ending theme song: Hell's gate 「地獄の門/Jigoku no Mon」 by ALI PROJECT
Official website: http://www.phantom-r.jp/

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