04 April 2009

Slap up Party -Arad Senki- Episode 1:

The anime is actually based on a Korean MMORPG, and a lot of the production of the series seems to be done with a Korean staff. The game has 6 basic types to choose from (demon knight, male gunner, fighter, priest, magician, female gunner), and each type would then evolve when they reach certain levels. It would be interesting to see how the anime will be able to portray this.

The episode starts with the usual party fighting against a mob, a difficult one at that. While they managed to beat it in the end, the demon knight of the party had to evolve to a demon, despite the warnings from her party member. It seems that the consequence of turning to a demon is that she may not be able become human again.

Flash forward a few years, and Baron, our main character makes his appearance. In no time, he got into trouble. Having not eaten recently, desire takes over logic, and he and a gunner he just met got captured by a group of villagers who baits them with a delicious looking roast boar.

While the villagers didn't actually want to trap them, trouble is not over. Seeing the demon mark on Baron's arm, they decide to imprison him before he turns into a demon and destroy some village. It does not help that a neighboring village has been trashed by some demon recently.For some reason, the villager think the gunner is not exactly an outstanding member of society, and throw him into jail too:b

While getting free unappetizing food in their cell, not all looks bad. Baron discovered that the father of the girl who delivers the food may know how to cure the demon arm. While he begs the girl to let him meet her father, the girl is too frightened and left without promising anything.

Some of Baron's past is revealed next. It turns out he was a normal child when suddenly the demon mark appeared on his arm. The frightened villagers throw him out of the village. In his desperation, he found a sword and its guardian. He has been traveling ever since to find a cure for his arm.

Before he can meet the girl's father though, the village is attacked by a group of mob. Being the main hero, he just have to save the villagers:b Long story short the low level mob is taken care of, but the girl's parents didn't make it. So Baron continues the journey, with one more party member in tag.

Surprisingly, the episode is more enjoyable than I thought it might. The jokes are actually quite funny, and the main character does not have an amnesia, for a change. This looks like a good series to enjoy when you don't want to think to much. Looking forward to it!

Opening theme song: Party Play by Nogawa Sakura「野川 さくら」
Ending theme song: Hateshinai Sekai「果てしない世界」(World without an end) by YMCK
Official site: スラップアップパーティ −アラド戦記−
The singer of the opening theme, Nogawa Sakura, is also the seiyuu of one of the main characters who hasn't made an appearance, Runmei Raika.

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